The purpose of this site is to seek your true pledge to support the National League POW/MIA Familie in achieving their goal of the fullest possible accounting for those still missing.

Since the beginning of the National League of POW/MIA Families in 1970 and even today, patriotic Americans show their support and sympathies to families that have sacrificed so much for our country.

Along with those still missing, the goal is to repatriate all recoverable remains of those who have died while serving our nation during the Vietnam War.


Do you wear a POW/MIA patch?

Do you wear a POW/MIA bracelet?

Do you wear a POW/MIA T-Shirt?

Do you fly a POW/MIA flag or know someone that does?


We like to think it is in support of the National League POW/MIA Families.  If it does, how does it?

Do you realize that most of the manufacturers and retail outlets do not donate one cent to the National League POW/MIA Families?

If the item were made in China or Vietnam, whom have you really supported?




Pledge Now

When you buy a patch for your jacket or a cap that has the POW * MIA logo on it, please make your purchases from companies that actually donate to a cause that benefits our Veterans and their families.

This is the breakup of your $4.00, not including the $0.45 for credit card services:










National League POW/MIA Families


Veteran Support Groups


Postage & Handling





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